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Westy interior lighting upgrade


The stock lighting in an ’86 Westfalia is pretty minimal. They only have a single fixture on the side by the closet which casts an amber glow with it’s 4 incandescent bulbs. We measured that one fixture alone sucks down around 2.4 amps but still does not light up the interior very well. The owner wanted a new lighting system that would put light in all sections of the interior with switches to control each area. We divided the interior into 3 different lighting areas, the galley, the living room, and the bed room.

The galley area over the stove/sink was never lit properly and dark shadows were all that could be seen while boiling pasta. We removed the stock fixture and replaced it with a 60 inch strip of LED’s. The strip is tucked into an aluminum u-channel which helps focus the light downward and keeps it from shining directly in your eyes.

The living room lighting is another long strip of LED’s going across the van over the bench, perfect for eating or playing cards at the table.

The bedroom light is another long strip in the rear of the van, it provides a great reading light and easy to switch on/off while in bed. And because it is an old VW, this LED strip also provides excellent lighting when working on the engine. The new lighting system only draws around 1.6 amps.