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Van Interiors Custom Built For Your Adventures

At Van Haus, every van we build is designed specifically for the needs of the owner. We always say, “Bring us your gear, we’ll design your interior around it.” We take into account the type of adventures or van lifestyle that you want to achieve, from full-time campers, to mobile office spaces, or even sporty tail-gating lounge mobiles. We work directly with you and develop an efficient layout that supports your style of fun and adventure.

How Do I Get My Own Van Haus Van?

1. Choose A Van.

  • The van we customize for you can be one that you already own, or we can help you locate a brand new van or low miles used van.


2. Get Inspired.

  • We’ve put together a few basic van floor plans that have been time-tested for performance, efficiency, and style. You might see a layout here that is a perfect fit, or you may pick and choose features from these to create your perfect van. Click links below to explore different van layouts.

    Sportsman Rig >>
    Camper Van >>
    Full Time Van Living >>
    Mobile Office Van >>

    Truly, these are very basic examples, but they give us a good place to start visualizing the perfect floor plan for your needs.


3. Contact Us.

  • Give us a call (360-326-8838) or send us a note, we would love to talk about your Van Haus van!