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Westy interior lighting upgrade

Westfalia lighting upgrade from humble to Hollywood

Blue Steel – Ford E-350 4×4 Quadvan

Stylish and comfortable bubble-top home on the road.

Clear Water – Ford E-250 4×4 Quadvan

New windows and a slick interior for their kayak hauler

VanDiesel – Ford E-350 4×4 Van

24″ Bubble-top adds great headroom

Breaking Away – Ford Transit 4×4 Quadvan

Bicycle hauler and sleeper pod for long distance adventures.

Black panther van project

We had a nice van roll in for some maintenance projects.

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Custom Van Galley Cabinet

This cabinet is designed for storage of stoves, grills, and kitchen tools

Auxiliary Power!

Designing and building an auxiliary electrical system

Floor Installation E-350

This provides us the best possible moisture barrier for the entire floor

Trim Removed For Insulation

There is a sequence that must be followed to remove all of the trim, the secret is to